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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 1-Crafty Weekend

well that was day one over in a flash, blink and you missed it.....i wish you could slow down time for these things
lots of laughter as always and i think a little bit of crafting was done...maybe lol
we did have a friendly sheep as a visitor first thing, employed to cut the grass but he was too interested in joining in the fun so had to go cut someone elses grass for a while lol

here is Lyn receiving a very early christmas exchange...lol
and sporting the very brief briefs on her head.......no Lyn.......oh i will explain later lol

well i will take more pics later of some of the exchanges received
but as for day one ....great day and a lovely meal in the local brewery in the evening too,
here we go for day two.....

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  1. It was a great day one, thanks to everyone there, lots of laughter, not much of anything else done lol wonderful exchange presents all round and a superb meal in the evening.
    See you all again in about an hour
    Colly xx

  2. It was a lovely day, I am sorry I can't join you today