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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where does the time go??

The weeks are just flying past, we are in march already, where did that go to? although i am loving the odd day of milder weather, please lets have some more, not that i see much of them but even the little bit i do see is chearing me up greatly,
i am feeling back on top again, the 7 weeks being ill over christmas were tough, then i carried on feeling low and tired out all the time, but now i am on top form again, the sewing machine has been up to speed, busy busy, one thing i cant show you yet...but soon.
but i can show you these newbies
what about these cute little chappies, well little and bigger lol
so cute sitting on the shelf dangling there legs.
and for that little princess or love of your life...
in fact for everyone, i love these chunky speckled words with flowers, just gorgeous for mothers day or birthday or just to say.............

lots more to come when i have sorted and taken more pics...

too much to do and not enough hours, i also need to think of the workshop for the crafty weekend next month, i have been asked for a sewing project mmmm what to make??

anyway off the take more pics

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